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Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

Well, now we know why Nintendo wanted to save #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons’ new content announcements for their own, special 20-minute #NintendoDirect: There’s a lot that’s coming to the game, both free and premium, on Nov. 5. Go:

Several longtime favorite characters will make their #NewHorizons debut; players will get even more customization and decoration items; and they can go to work planning new vacationers’ dream homes with the #HappyHomeParadise paid DLC. That also included the first announcement of pricing for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack the company announced at the end of September. Available at:

Here’s a digest of the top news coming out of Friday’s Nintendo Direct livestream

New Horizons’ first premium DLC expansion, Happy Home Paradise, puts players to work as architects and interior decorators building dream getaways for the island’s Paradise Planning development company. There’s so much new to do here, #Nintendo devoted 10 minutes of Friday’s show to tease it all. Players will be interviewing their NPC clientele, determining their decoration preferences, and building a home to satisfy their whims. New interior design options show cool floor plans with new lighting and a lot of charm.

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